Coaching has become the most effective resources in personal and professional development. It is a co-creative process that capitalizes on the existing wisdom of the client coupled with skills of the coach. Together, the coach and client work together to map out and execute a development plan that guarantees positive results for both the client and their company. Coaching is a method of development that catalyzes the capacity for learning and growth and helps leaders sort through options for improvement to make clear decisions. 

Coaching is not therapy. Glasser Group offers a discipline process that asks effective questions while putting a plan and practice in place to support authenticity, mastery and common purpose.

People Use Coaches To

  • Develop strategic thinking within a group while effectively communicating strategic business needs to others
  • Work on production goals within the constraints of time and resources
  • Develop specific skills: influencing, conflict management, negotiation, communication, & leadership
  • Cope with rapid change
  • Improve personal interaction style within a group

Glasser Group Supports You In

  • Developing a personal leadership plan and practices 
  • Developing clarity, focus and purpose 
  • Turning stress into vitality
  • Communicating with clarity 
  • Maintaining a work-life balance
  • Resolve differences within a group
  • Help participants to accept, adjust, and acquire ownership of changes within the organization 
  • Build positive and supportive relationships with team members
  • Obtain better results while being less controlling.

Differences Between Coaching and Other Disciplines


A Coach Is...

  • An external, personal and professional partner
  • A resource who supports a person’s professional and personal best
  • Awakens the best version of you—personally and professionally
  • Forwards actions from point A to point B
  • Offers a “time-out” from the usual work demands for reflection, feedback and purposeful dialogue
  • Leads to confidence and insights crucial to employ what has been learned 

Individual Coaching As Part of Leadership Training

Typically, individual coaching is conducted in support of an overall corporate initiative such as leadership development, management transition, top talent identification, merger consolidation, and reorganization.

One-on-one leadership coaching facilitates leadership effectiveness, is helpful for leaders who are preparing to move into or have recently taken on new roles, and for leaders who are underperforming because of unproductive leadership behaviors. One-on-one coaching helps build and sustain a personal plan and practices.  Individual coaching provides the framework, the tools and the support for your growth and challenges.  Personal coaching is designed to help you become more purposeful, powerful, and present in your daily work and life.   

Individual coaching can be a facilitator to more effective leadership training through accelerated performances, increased capacity for higher-level communications and the ability to individually calibrate management approaches in the face of organizational changes. We also offer customized coaching for talented mid-level to senior executives.

Individual coaching allows the fine-tuning of strategic missions while keeping the group focused on individual development. Glasser Group provides the framework the tools and the support for personal growth and corporate challenges.