Leadership Training

Main Areas of Focus for Leadership Teams and Leadership Development

•    Clarifying individual and corporate goals
•    Developing an Internal Guidance System to orient actions towards core values
•    Becoming a Collaborator who can build “followership”
•    Creating a culture that addresses and resolves conflicts
•    Engages others into a bigger game!

Effective Leadership Training can help organizations and individuals improve and build upon what's currently happening in the organization resulting in increased performance, motivation, overall effectiveness and efficiency. Glasser Groups’s Leadership Training is designed to provide participants with those critical skills needed to ensure future success while impacting bottom-line results. In today's fast-paced business environment, leaders need a broad perspective, vision, and acute awareness of the trends and developments shaping their organization. 

Our leadership training will assist participants in establishing an environment of success both for their teams and themselves. The coaching process supplements and supports the experiences learned in the training and helps to ensure application of the lessons into the workplace.

Leadership Groups...

Leadership Groups are a group of emerging leaders who come together to learn from each other while the coaches heighten the awareness of what is most important to the group as well as individual participants. The object of coach mediated leadership training is to create a strong team of leaders, better communication and common goals.