Joy Glasser is one of the best listeners I know. She listens with her ears, her eyes, and her heart. As a result, she is incredibly attuned to your needs. She has a gift for understanding not only your challenges, but also your potential. She coaxes the best out of you, in a gentle yet firm manner. She is a joy to work with!
— Robyn Waters, RW Trend President

Glasser Group’s workshop was extremely useful and worthwhile. Joy has the unique ability to draw out the participants so they become actively involved in the program. I was impressed with the design and effectiveness of the workshop.
— Stephen Foley, Foley & Mansfield Law Firm, Founder and Partner

Joy has a strong coaching presence and high ethical standards. I find her coaching to be lively and engaging. She’s a warm, funny and loving coach, while holding her clients with respect, lightness and commitment.
— Mary Butler, Certified Life and Leadership Coach

My experience with coaching has been life-changing. I went from being a renter to a homeowner within months. I started making plans for my future where in the past I’d been just “coasting” through life with no real goals and plans making me feel anxious and stressed. Joy helped me realize what goals and values were most important to me which was a huge awakening.

My relationships in the workplace have changed dramatically. I’ve learned so many skills to deal with challenging situations, and also learned how to better understand others. I’ve become a much better listener. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I can only control my own reactions and not the reactions of others.

My friends and family have all noticed a huge change in me…how much more relaxed, focused, grounded and confident I am. Coaching has been a wonderful experience for me. I have recommended coaching to many friends, co-workers and family members. Joy is truly fabulous at what she does.
— Lainie Bernsten, Legal Assistant