The Coach Approach

Organizations today are recognizing the increasing need for all employees to contribute to the success of the business. Leaders need to be able to communicate more effectively and invite associates to participate as knowledgeable and committed partners, while creating new solutions to today’s new challenges.

The Coach Approach, which is facilitated in “workshop” style, is designed to allow participants to develop practical and effective skills that can be applied while working through obstacles and building partnerships. The Coach Approach initiates measurable change towards greater employee involvement and empowerment while strengthening the communication and goal oriented skills of supervisors, managers, and peers.

The Coach Approach is available in a one or two day format. It is customizable to meet the specific needs of your organization. We create instructional designs for all types of audiences, including new and experienced leaders and managers, executives, and employees. The workshops are co-led by experienced certified coach facilitators at a location of your choice.

Each workshop is based on highly effective adult learning methods. Certified facilitators actively explain and model the skills being developed. The learning evolves from group exercises and discussions. Key concepts are presented in a manner that reinforces and clarifies the learning. Participants discover how to use the skills and how to continue to implement effective practices.

Our Workshops are ideal for participants who want to learn to apply an already proven coaching model to their management skills.

Sample Customized Workshop Topics

  • Effective Communication
  • Listening and Questioning Skills
  • Life Balancing Act
  • Creativity in the Workplace
  • Personal and Professional Values
  • Personal and Professional Fulfillment
  • New Perspectives Conflict Resolution
  • exploring Teamwork
  • Encourage Thinking-Outside-The-Box
  • Drawing Strengths from each other
  • Trust & Team Building

The Coach Approach encourages empowerment and quality improvement while strengthening the skills of supervisors, managers and peers all working in a partnership of communication.

Because every organization is different, Glasser Group recognizes that our clients need unique learning and development solutions to meet their specific, and sometimes complex, needs. Glasser Group develops customized training curriculum in collaboration with our clients. Our goal is to efficiently develop an effective and affordable training.